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2022 Awards

Shining Star Award- Ruvic Suwal

Personality Award- Sadie Dorcoo

Most Improved- Audrey Beacham

Most Dedicated- Bronte Pringle and Alicia Hird

Long Service Award- Bridie Slater (25 Years)                                                     Kate Walker (15 Years)

2021 Awards

Long Service Award- Alicia Hird (10 Years)                                               

2020 Awards

Long Service Award- Bronte Pringle (10 Years)                                                Macey Austen (10 Years)

2019 Awards

Shining Star Award- Emily Jones

Personality Award- Audrey Beacham

Most Improved- Lucy McKane

2018 Awards

Shining Star Award- Odin Doroco

Personality Award- Isla Winders

Most Improved- Neve Bell

CSTD Exam Trophy- Bronte Pringle

Long Service Award- Taylah Edwards (20 Years)                                               Millie Austen (10 Years)

2017 Awards
Shining Star Award- Macey Austen
Hardest Worker Award- Ariel Judas
CSTD Exam Trophy- Kate Walker, Millie Austen
Ballet Award- Morgan Dykes
Personality Award- Tina Kavehnasab
Long Service Award- Bridie Slater (20 Years)
                                        Kate Walker (10 Years)

2016 Awards
Shining Star Award- Seniors (Monique Maitland, Taylah Edwards, Bridie Slater, Millie Austen, Kate Walker, Megan Bruton)
Hardest Worker Awards- Scarlett Delves
CSTD Exam Trophy- Milana Nuygen
Ballet Award- Bronte Pringle

Dance Aid 2022

We had an amazing opportunity to be part of Dance Aid Melbourne 2022. This amazing event raises money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. We were so excited for our Performance Team to be able to contribute to this night and we can't wait to be back again next year.


After such a crazy couple of years we were finally able to perform on stage once again for our combine 2020/2021 concert in April 2022.

It was so amazing to finally see our student back on stage and enjoying themselves. The costumes, lighting and excitement filled atmosphere was something we didn't realise we missed so much. The students all did such an amazing job and overcame so many different adversities. We are so excited to be back in the swing of things and the students can't for their next chance to get back up on the stage.


2018 Exams

On Friday the 3rd of August we held our CSTD examinations. We had students complete their Jazz, Tap and Classical exams. All students were absolutely beautiful and had worked so hard the past year. 


On Saturday the 15th of September we held our annual family afternoon and presented the exam students with their awards. All of our students passed with amazing results and we are pleased to announce that we had an overall average mark of Honours across all our exams this year with our lowest mark only being a Highly Commended.


We congratulate all of our students and teachers on their amazing efforts!!

pres day.png
exam day.png


One of our ex-teachers Samantha Dodemaide gave us the amazing opportunity of hosting a Wizard of Oz workshop at our studio.

Samantha is currently staring as Dorothy in the 2018 Australian production of "The Wizard of Oz". The students learnt real choreography from the show, as well as singing and acting. Everyone enjoyed themselves and we look forward to another workshop soon. 

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