All classes (aside from the classical and hip-hop class) include a mixture of Jazz, Tap and Contemporary to allow students to discover all elements of dance.

Class Levels ...

Ages 3-5.  No previous training. Emphasis is on creative movement.

Ages 5-7.  Basic ballet steps and creative movement. Emphasis is on improving coordination and movement development. 

Ages 8-11.  More exploration will be placed on technique and  body alignment. Introduction of new skills and steps will be taught and the ability for student to find their niche.

Ages 12-14.  Emphasis will be placed on technique and proper body alignment. Difficulty will be added to previous skills/steps as well as the introduction of new skills.

Ages 15+. This class will focus on proper body alignment and technique creating a well-rounded and confident dancer. Continue to work on strength, flexibility, and coordination. Explore the many fusions of jazz dance, from hip hop to lyrical.


Ages 6-11 (Junior Classical) and 12-15 (Intermediate Classical). A strict and dedicated discipline, consequently the foundation for all dance forms. Classical Ballet teaches students confidence and grace while greatly improving posture, technique, control and strength.

Hip Hop

Ages 11-15. A fusion dance genre that incorporates elements of popping, locking, breaking, jazz, ballet, tap dancing and other styles and is typically performed to hip-hop, R&B, funk, electronic or pop music.

CSTD Exam Classes ...





Uniform ...

Jazz/Tap Classes
Black Leotard, Singlet or T-shirt
Tan Stockings

Black Leggings or Bike shorts
Black Crossover

Classical Classes
Black leotard
Pink ballet tights
Pink ballet shoes

Or Wells Uniform which can be ordered through the school
Bike shorts

Juniors, Elementary: Pink Ballet Shoes and Tan Tap Shoes
Intermediates and Seniors: Tan Jazz Shoes and Tan Tap Shoes
Boys: Black Jazz shoes and Black Tappers

Hair is too be tied back off the face. No jewellery or bands. 

No baggie tops or jackets 



Classes are paid by the term.

-An invoice will be given to you at the beginning of each term.

-Any missed classes will be forfeited and no refunds will be given unless the class is cancelled by the teacher.

-There are no make up classes available due to our classes being very specific to each group and only run once per week.